Why MegaBURN?

MegaBURN classes on the Megaformer provide a new and unique workout experience using the Lagree method of training. You’ll get slow, controlled movements that will work your muscles to fatigue, giving you those fast results we all want from our workout. At MegaMode we offer three variations of classes taught using the Megaformer:

  • MegaBURN All Levels – 45 minute signature class for all-levels
  • MegaBURN Basics – 45 minute class aimed towards first-timers
  • MegaExpress – 35 minute class for those short on time

All MegaBurn classes are practiced in a non-heated room with a maximum capacity of 15 per class. If you are new we recommend attending MegaBURN Basics for your first class, however this is not essential.

What is the Lagree Method?

The Lagree Method delivers results, fast. The low impact, high intensity workout is performed on the Megaformer and features targeted exercises performed at a slow and controlled pace, activating slow twitch muscle fibres to build the long lean physique that has made this workout famous. The workout is constantly evolving in ways which will challenge you.

The Lagree Method is challenging, unlike any other workout you’ve done. You’ll work muscles you’ve never felt before and your heart will start pumping. We guarantee you’ll feel the burn!


Our Megaformer classes

MegaBURN the Original

This is our classic Megaformer class. Utilising the versatile Megaformer, you will work your body in blocks; upper body, lower body and core to exhaustion. With minimal transition time between exercises, you will work for the entire 45 minutes so you can get the benefits right away.

Expect those muscles to shake under the intense burn that might leave you grabbing a foam roller later. A FULL BODY workout that is low impact that improves your strength, balance and mobility.

MegaBURN the Basics

An entry level class designed for those new to the Megaformer machine. You will work Upper Body, Lower Body and Core in classic moves such as Sexyback, Elevator lunge and Bear. However, don't expect an easy sail! Our trainers are always there to progress and challenge you, while give you support when needed. Expect to fall in love with this exciting method of training that leaves you feeling your strongest self. A FULL BODY workout that is low impact that improves your strength, balance and mobility..

We always recommend participating in at least one MegaBURN the Basics class if you are totally new to the Megaformer, however this is not essential.

MegaBURN the Express

For those short on time, MegaBURN the Express is your classic Megaformer class condensed into 35 minutes. You will still get a A FULL BODY workout, however expect to spend a few less minutes training your legs.