Why MegaHEAT?

The logic behind MegaHEAT is simple: heat training allows your body to withstand a wide range of temperatures. As you workout in the heat, there are a number of mechanisms at play, making your body stronger in and out of the heat room. Enjoy MegaHEAT on it’s own or add a session or two to your weekly Megaformer routine to really up your fitness game!

Why exercise in the heat?

  • Exercising in the heat lowers your resting blood pressure and heart rate and increases cardiac output
  • Heated workouts increase blood plasma volume. 
  • Increased sweat production and faster onset of sweating. 
  • The body adapts on a cellular level.
  • It helps maintain healthy skin.


How Hot?

Our MegaHeat room is heated to around 30 degrees. While this is lower than other heated studios, we want YOU to bring the heat. It is not supposed to be a stifling environment where you’d feel faint. We want you to push hard and be able to finish all the reps.

You can expect:

  • Our MegaHEAT classes are like no other heated training experience! A fusion of strength, endurance and Pilates, you’ll work with resistance bands, dumbbells and your own body weight to burn out every muscle in your body.

  • Complementing the slow, controlled, shaky Megaformer classes we know and love, with the intensity of our new MegaHEAT concept, you’ll reap the benefits of a more well-rounded, effective experience!

Our Classes


MegaHEAT classes give you a full body workout consisting of lower body, upper body and core exercises taught together in ‘blocks’. This means a series of exercises focusing on one body part at a time, usually for around 5-10 minutes in duration before moving on to the next body part. Expect slow controlled movements, as well as few faster, heart-raising bursts to get you sweating. Each session will focus on fully fatiguing each major muscle group, one at a time. The reason we do this is that muscle growth and improved strength can be archived by working a muscle group to exhaustion.

MegaHEAT is suitable for all fitness levels.


MegaHEAT+ is a step up from our MegaHEAT classes. Expect 2-3 strong bursts of cardio added to our regular MegaHEAT routines to elevate the heart rate and your cardio fitness levels! MegaHEAT+ is suitable for all fitness levels - low impact options can be provided. .


MegaHeat FORM is a strictly low-impact class focusing on form and alignment. Combining traditional Mat Pilates and elements from the unique Lagree method, MegaHeat FORM uses all your favourite Pilates props plus dumbbells to strengthen your body. A full 45 minute full body workout that improves your strength, balance and mobility.