MegaMode Trainer


Looking for the next challenge after training in reformer Pilates, Grace first discovered Lagree in 2018 after visiting our pop-up CBD studio as a client and never looked back! Following years of shaking and sweating with us, she decided to share her passion for Lagree with others and become a trainer. When Grace isn’t on the mega, she’s at her desk working in digital marketing.



MegaMode Trainer


Eleena has joined MegaMode to share her enthusiasm for the Megaformer. She loves how the workout challenges, strengthens and transforms people who commit to the exercise. When Eleena is not teaching the Megaformer, she is either teaching studio Pilates for those with postural issues or musculoskeletal disorders or hanging out with her dog (which you will probably meet at some point in the studio).


MegaMode Trainer


After three years studying music theatre in Perth, Brittany is back in Melbourne and pursuing her passion in fitness. Even though she is new to Lagree training, she loves the Megaformer and its unique benefits for the body and mind. Despite struggling to push past the body shakes herself, she will be loving shouting at you to do so (hypocrite)!


MegaMode Trainer


Originally from Canberra, ACT, Carmelina Tammaro gradated in 2015 from Jason Coleman’s Ministry of Dance with a Diploma in Musical Theatre and Diploma in Dance Teaching Management. Carmelina’s Credits include Dirty Dancing the Immersive, Tones & I ‘Won’t sleep’ Music Video, The Official AFL Footy Show Revue, Official NBL (Melbourne United),The Official Eremites Melbourne Cup and The Australian Open.

Carmelina has taken her passion for the Megaformer and her background in dance and jumped on and joined the MegaMode team. Carmelina will start teaching MegaHEAT classes while she perfects her Megaformer skills.


Studio Manager


Adam is a much loved member of the MegaMode team who always brings passion and dedication to each and every class he teaches. Born and raised in Perth, Adam moved to Melbourne to study performing arts and has since made it his home. Recently cast in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Adam will spend 2 months performing in Hobart. Once he returns, expect some more of Adam’s well structured and effective classes! His favourite exercise is reverse wheelbarrow. When you join his class, you will experience the fun of this exercise.


MegaMode Trainer


Alexia grew up in Queenstown, New Zealand but now calls Melbourne home. With musical theatre her first love (Megaformer second) Alexia has recently been cast in the musical, Magic Mike Live Australia, which is currently touring Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

Alexia loves the Megaformer for it’s benefits on not only the body but the mind, with the belief that if she she can get through a plank on the Megaformer, she can get through most things in life!


MegaMode Trainer


Steph discovered Megaformer classes in mid 2018 when she visited our pop-up CBD studio as a client. Since then Steph has become so dedicated to everything Megaformer and fitness in general that she decided to make a complete career change from her corporate career to a career in full-time fitness.  Steph always brings a big smile and positive vibe to every class!


MegaMode Lead Trainer


Greta first discovered the Megaformer in mid-2018 and immediately fell in love with its versatility and effectiveness. When she’s not teaching the Megaformer, you’ll find Greta teaching Reformer Pilates or hitting the books as part of her Osteopathy Degree. With her positive attitude and happy, friendly personality, you’ll be motivated all the way through Greta’s classes!