Why MegaMOOD?

The logic behind MegaHeat is simple: heat training allows your body to withstand a wide range of temperatures. As you workout in the heat, there are a number of mechanisms at play, making your body stronger in and out of the heat room. 

Why exercise in the heat?

  • Exercising in the heat lowers your resting blood pressure and heart rate and increases cardiac output
  • Heated workouts increase blood plasma volume. 
  • Increased sweat production and faster onset of sweating. 
  • The body adapts on a cellular level.
  • It helps maintain healthy skin.

How Hot?

Our MegaHeat room is heated to around 30 degrees. While this is lower than other heated studios, we want YOU to bring the heat. It is not supposed to be a stifling environment where you’d feel faint. We want you to push hard and be able to finish all the reps.

You can expect:

  • Training in a heated environment with all your favourite Mega exercises adapted for a mat environment, with the addition of dumbbells, kettlebells and bands.

  • Complementing the slow, controlled, shaky Megaformer classes we know and love, with the intensity of our new Megaheat concept, you’ll reap the benefits of a more well-rounded, effective experience!

Our Classes

MegaMOOD Vinyasa

Megaheat Full Body is performed in the heated mat studio with the addition of dumbbells, kettlebells and resistance bands, you will work your upper body, lower body and core to fatigue. Think all your favourite Megaformer exercises adapted to the mat with a few extra new moves and a little bit of cardio thrown into the mix!

This class is recommended for new and experienced clients.

MegaMOOD Yin

Megaheat Form is performed in the heated mat studio. With more of a focus on form and alignment, this class will move at a slower pace than our Megaheat Full Body class. This class is great for those wanting a recovery class or just to experience a heated workout without the cardio!.


MegaCombo gives you 25 minutes in our heat room where you’ll be challenged with a muscle toning and strengthening workout. A full-body workout using dumbbells and focusing on working muscles to fatigue, you’ll feel the burn with our famous “time under tension” workout to maximise muscle engagement. Once you’ve worked up a sweat you’ll move into the Megaformer room to shake and burn on the Megaformer for a full-body 25 minute workout.