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MegaMode . Level 1/43 Hardware Lane . Melbourne CBD
Complete 2 x classes in the space of week during July and earn 1 credit to use in August
Register your interest and start burning & earning!



Earn up to 15 class credits in July for August

Looking for some Winter motivation? 

We get it – it’s so easy to lose motivation for regular exercise during the Winter months. Winter Credits gives you the ultimate motivation to attend class 2 x per week as you’ll earn 1 credit to use in August for every 2 classes you attend in the space of a week during the month of July. All you need to do is register your interest with us – either via email or when you’re in the studio and we’ll start tallying up those credits for you.

Don’t have a valid class pack? As an extra incentive, we’re giving you 2 special class pack options: 12 x classes for $180 ($15 per class) or 8 x classes for $144 ($18 per class).


  • Winter Credits runs from 1-31 July 2022
  • No sign up cost but clients must register with us so we know to add credits at the end of the month
  • To earn one credit you must attend 2 classes in the space of 7 days
  • Use your existing class credits or purchase a Winter Credit Pack: 12 classes for $180 ($15 per class) 8 classes for $144 ($18 per class)
  • Winter Credit Packs are valid for MegaBURN & MegaHEAT classes
  • Classes earned will be credited to your account 1 August and must be used by 31 August
  • Not valid for Classpass

See below to purchase class packs


MegaBURNon the Megaformer

MegaBURN classes on the Megaformer provide a unique workout experience using the Lagree Fitness method of training. The Megaformers provide constant resistance and infinitely more exercise options than a traditional reformer. You’ll get slow, controlled movements that will work your muscles to fatigue, giving you those fast results we all want from our workout. At MegaMode we offer the following Megaformer classes:

MegaBURN Full Body

MegaBURN the Basics

All MegaBurn classes are practiced in a non-heated room with a maximum capacity of 15 per class.

MegaHEAT Full Body

MegaHEAT FULL BODY is performed in the heated mat studio with the addition of dumbbells, kettlebells and resistance bands, you will work your upper body, lower body and core to fatigue. Think all your favourite Megaformer exercises adapted to the mat with a few extra new moves and a little bit of cardio thrown into the mix!

This class is recommended for new and experienced clients.


MegaCombo gives you 25 minutes in our heat room where you’ll be challenged with a muscle toning and strengthening workout. A full-body workout using dumbbells and focusing on working muscles to fatigue, you’ll feel the burn with our famous “time under tension” workout to maximise muscle engagement. Once you’ve worked up a sweat you’ll move into the Megaformer room to shake and burn on the Megaformer for a full-body 25 minute workout.

MegaHEAT Form

MegaHEAT FORM is performed in the heated mat studio. With more of a focus on form and alignment, this class will move at a slower pace than our MegaHEAT FULL BODY and MegaCOMBO classes. This class is great for those wanting a recovery class or just to experience a more gentler workout.


The Winter Credit x 12 & Winter Credit x 8 class packs are valid for use ONLY during the month of July. No extensions allowed.

To will earn 1 credit to use in August for each 2 classes you attend during the space of 7 days in July. For example, if you attend 4 classes in a week you will be credited with 2 classes to use in August.

You can email us, DM us or sign up when you’re in the studio. There will be a registration form at the front desk.

You can attend either Megaformer or MegaHeat classes.

Wear comfortable clothes you can stretch and move in – similar to what you would normally wear to a yoga or pilates class.

We also require grip socks in all our group classes and private sessions in order to maintain the cleanliness of our studio. Grip socks are available for purchase here at the studio for $12, however you are also more than welcome to bring your own grip socks.

If you are currently on an unlimited or 2 x weekly membership you can still participate by suspending your membership and purchasing one of the Winter Credit packs. Please ask one of our FOH staff when you are in the studio and they will help you.

Please bring a towel along if you’re attending a MegaHEAT session. We don’t supply towels, however you can purchase them in our studio.

Water is recommended for both classes. We do sell bottled water.


Cancellations made less than 12 hours prior to class start time are considered late and will forfeit that session. No-shows and absences will forfeit that session. A Late Cancel 30 minutes before class is considered a No Show. UNLIMITED MEMBERSHIP will incur a $20 No Show fee for all classes they’re marked absent for and a $15 Late Cancel fee for all classes cancelled within 12 hours of class. CLASS CREDIT MEMBERSHIP will incur a $15 fee for no shows. Late cancellations will forfeit the class credit.


Find your Mega in our new studio location – Level 1/43 Hardware Lane, Melbourne CBD


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