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MegaMode is Melbourne’s home of the Lagree Method. We bring you a high intensity, low impact workout in two ways:

Megaformer – the unique Lagree Fitness methodology performed on a Megaformer, specifically designed to strengthen, increase flexibility and improve endurance. This is the step up from reformer pilates!
Megaheat – our newest addition to the schedule, performed in a heated mat studio (30degrees) with the addition of dumbbells. Think all your favourite Megaformer exercises adapted to the mat with a twist.

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Lagree Fitness Methodon the Megaformer

Megaformer classes provide a unique workout experience using the Lagree Fitness method of training. The Megaformer provides constant resistance and infinitely more exercise options than a traditional reformer. You’ll get slow, controlled movements that will work your muscles to fatigue, giving you those fast results we all want from our workout. At MegaMode we offer the following Megaformer classes:

  • Megaformer+
  • Megaformer Basics

All Megaformer classes are practiced in a non-heated room with a maximum capacity of 14 per class.

Megaheat, on the Mat

Megaheat is our newest addition to the schedule at MegaMode – the perfect compliement to our Megaformer classes! Think training in a heated room, with all your favourite Mega exercises adapted for a mat environment. We add dumbbells, kettlebells and bands to up the intensity.

You can expect the movements to be “blocked” together based on body part. Meaning, core movements are blocked together, upper body movements together and left and right legs together- this allows for complete muscle exhaustion in that body part.

Try MegaMode see results fast

Our workouts will get results fast! Suitable for all fitness levels, ages and body types, our classes are low impact, high intensity that work your muscles to fatigue which creates change.

Our Megaformer and MegaHEAT classes are for all levels.

If you’re totally new to the Megaformer we suggest a basics class as your first. However, this is not essential.

You can attend any Megaheat class as we provide modifications for beginners.


If you’re totally new to the Megaformer we request you attend  class as your first. However, this is not essential.

You can attend any MegaHeat class as we provide modifications for beginners.

Please arrive 10 minutes early for your first class so we can show you around the studio and get you set up for success!

On the homepage you will see a BOOK NOW button in the top right hand corner. Once selected, this will take you to our class schedule page. Choose your class and select “next” taking you to the sign in section. If you don’t have an account you will need to create one.

For first timers to the MegaMode we recommend purchasing our New Client Offer, which is 5 classes for $55 – valid for 2 weeks.

Our MegaHeat room is heated to 30 degrees, which is a lower temperature than other heated studios. It is not supposed to be a stifling environment where you feel faint.

You most definitely can, however most people do just fine in our small group classes as our trainers make sure everyone is training safely by using good form. Should you still have concerns, suffer from an injury, a severe medical condition or have not been exercising for a long period then please either book a private class here or contact us for more details.

Wear comfortable clothes you can stretch and move in – similar to what you would normally wear to a yoga or pilates class.

We also require grip socks in all our group classes and private sessions in order to maintain the cleanliness of our studio. Grip socks are available for purchase here at the studio for $12, however you are also more than welcome to bring your own grip socks.

Please bring a towel along if you’re attending a Megaheat session. We don’t supply towels, however you can purchase them in our studio.

Water is recommended for both classes. We do sell bottled water.


We recommend training at least 3 classes per week to gain the best results. We believe, with the addition of our MegaHeat classes, you can attend achieve a great balance by attending 1-2 classes of each per week.

It is always important to listen to your body and allow enough time for your muscles to properly recover and repair.

If the class you’d like to attend is fully booked, we recommend joining the waitlist. Due to our 12-hour early cancellation window, there are typically changes to class attendance and places may become available. Should a place open up for you, you will receive a notification (via email or text message) offering you the place. Please respond to this notification, either accepting or declining your place depending on whether you can still attend.

If you can’t attend, notify us as quickly as you can and your place will be offered to the next client on the waitlist – however please note that the cancellation policy will apply.

If you don’t respond to the waitlist offer notification, or you accept the offer and then don’t attend the class, the no-show fee will apply – you will forfeit your session and be charged a one-off cancellation fee of $15.

If you place yourself on the waitlist and then later realise, you’re unable to attend that particular class, we encourage you to remove yourself from the waitlist. This avoids you being placed in the class if a spot becomes available, and potentially forfeiting your session and being charged a ‘no-show’ or ‘late cancel’ fee. You will not be added to the class list within the 12 hour time frame before class.

Cancellations made less than 12 hours prior to class start time are considered late and will forfeit that session. No-shows and absences will forfeit that session. A Late Cancel 30 minutes before class is considered a No Show. UNLIMITED MEMBERSHIP will incur a $20 No Show fee for all classes they’re marked absent for and a $15 Late Cancel fee for all classes cancelled within 12 hours of class. CLASS CREDIT MEMBERSHIP will incur a $15 fee for no shows. Late cancellations will forfeit the class credit.

If you have been attending regular Megaformer classes with us before pregnancy then it’s absolutely OK to continue as long as you feel comfortable. Our trainers will provide you with modifications to ensure you are still getting a good workout!

We do not recommend heated classes during pregnancy, nor do we allow commencing classes on the Megaformer during pregnancy if it is new to you.

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for further details.


Find your Mega in our new studio location – Level 1/43 Hardware Lane, Melbourne CBD


For any futher information please contact us at